The goal of The Dutch Life is to make you feel home in the Netherlands. Everything The Dutch Life offers is designed to help you creating this feeling and is a combination of language, culture and connection.


If you would like to feel home in a foreign country where people speak a different language then you are used to, in general learning the language is the first step. By speaking and understanding the language you will be able to communicate with locals and feel more independent in your daily life.

The Dutch Life is not working with books to learn the language, but you will learn the language by using it. In every class or activity you will learn words and sentences that are related to the topic and that you can use directly. If you follow a course, you will get some excercises about the things you learned in class which will be your homework for the next class.


Something that is just as important as speaking the language is understanding the culture, customs and believes of the country you are living in. Only by understanding how people behave in certain situations and why they do so, you will be able to really connect with them. Understanding the Dutch culture will make you feel more part of the society and more comfortable in social situations.

Every class or activity has a topic related to the Dutch culture that will be the starting point for the class. This means that a course at The Dutch Life is a journey through the Dutch culture.


When you decide to live abroad there will be a big distance between your family and friends. Of course you can still call or talk to them by whatsapp, but it is not possible to step by for a coffee.

To make you feel more home in the Netherlands, connecting with other people is one of the main goals for The Dutch Life. Every class or activity will be interactive and with a lot of fun so you will definetely meet new people by who you can step by for a coffee!