In 2018 I teached a beginner group with mostly European students who have moved to the Netherlands for a job or study. Below is an overview from the students about me as a teacher. To be honest, I was surprised by this rating but this is really what it was!

One of my first groups was a group with only women, mostly from Turkey, Marocco and Afghanistan who had not a lot of experience with studying. It was a nice group and my challenge was to let them experience that they can learn a language. It gave me lots of satisfaction that almost all of them wanted to continue with Dutch classes when the course was finished. Below some of the reviews from the students.

Ik vind de cursus leuk, echt gezellig. Manon geeft helpen. Docent is echt goed. Probeer veel te praten in de les. Heel veel. Ik moet hier heel veel praten. Is voor mij belangrijk – Gulay

Ik vind de cursus leuk, want ik wil Nederlands praten en schrijven. Je moet hier heel veel praten. Ook krijgen we veel schrijfoefeningen. – Helena

De docent is heel goed, heel duidelijk. – Gonul

De cursus is hartstikke goed. Voor mij is prima. Ik had ik heb geleerd grammatica, de groep is goed, de docent is heel aardig en goed. Ik ben blij. Dat heb ik nog een keer geleerd. – Lucia

In december 2019 was the last class of the course ‘Taal voor Beginners’ Together with my students I had an amazing time and I’m happy to hear that they enjoyed it too!