To me a home is a place where I feel comfortable and connected to other people. In fact, a home to me can be anywhere around the world because it is not just a house, it is a feeling. I believe that you can create this feeling, so that you can create your home.

A couple of years ago I started working as a Dutch teacher with the motivation to help people with building up a new life in the Netherlands. But after a while I noticed that a lot of my students did not feel home in the Netherlands. They put effort in learning Dutch, but they had struggles to be part of the Dutch society. Mainly because they still did not understand the Dutch culture, customs and believes. This made me realise that there is something missing in the regular Dutch courses.

My goal is to help you with the creation of your home in the Netherlands. Everything The Dutch Life offers is a mix of language, culture and connection with other people so it will contribute directly to the feeling of being home in the Netherlands.

Is the feeling of being home not the best feeling there is?

Warm regards