Would you like to make the coming weeks in quarantine a bit more fun and useful?

Would you like to learn the basics of the Dutch language?

Would you like to practise your speaking skills in an informal and relaxing atmosphere?

If your answer is yes, you are very welcome to join the online Dutch course.


In 5 online classes you will learn the basics of the Dutch language. The focus is mostly on speaking and the words and sentences you learn are very practical in everyday life.


During the course you will learn more about the Dutch culture so you will understand the Dutch better.


Fun and interaction are the main elements of the classes which means that you won’t learn by using books but just by doing, speaking with each other and having fun. The atmosphere will be informal and relaxing so everyone will feel comfortable to practise.

Date and time

Below is the schedule of the course.

Tuesday April 1419.00 – 21.00
Thursday April 1619.00 – 21.00
Tuesday April 2119.00 – 21.00
Thursday April 2319.00 – 21.00
Tuesday April 2819.00 – 21.00

Only this time a special introduction price