The Dutch Life offers also online courses at different levels. The focus in the online courses will be mainly on improving your speaking skills.


In 5 classes of 2 hours you will learn useful words and sentences that you can use inmediately in your daily life. Depending on your level the topic can be buying food at the market, talking about the weather or talking about your last weekend.


Although the focus is on speaking, you will learn more about the Dutch culture so you will understand the Dutch better.


Fun and interaction are the main elements of the classes which means that you won’t learn by using books but just by doing, speaking with each other and having fun. The atmosphere will be informal and relaxing so everyone will feel comfortable to practise.

Start and costs

The first online conversation course just finished but no worries, a new one will definetely start! The price for the course will be €50. If you are interested, just ask for more information and you will receive the latest updates about the start of the new course.