Are you looking for a good time with other people? Would you like to get more understanding of the Dutch culture but do you not have time to follow a course? Are you in the mood for some fun?

Do you say yes? Then you are very welcome to join the Fun Fridays where you will learn more about a specific topic of the Dutch culture in a very informal setting. You can join with any level of Dutch!


During Fun Fridays you will learn Dutch words and sentences related to the topic. It can be useful sentences but also funny words or sayings. It all depends on the topic! Important to know is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Dutch yet. Fun Fridays are for everyone, no matter what your level of Dutch is!


Every Fun Friday has a different topic that will be explained based on the Dutch point of view. So every Fun Friday you will get to know the Dutch better and better.


The atmosphere on Fun Fridays is very informal so you will feel free to talk and socialise with other people. The Fun Friday will end with a beer/wine/soda to give you even more opportunities to connect.


February 14 – Dating in the Netherlands

Would you like to know more about dating in the Netherlands? Are you curious what Dutch people do on a first date? Would you like to know which pick up lines you can use or how you give compliments?

In all those cases you are very welcome to join the Fun Friday about dating. From 19.00 – 22.00 you will learn everything about dating in the Netherlands. But above all, it will be a fun night where you can meet other people.

We will finish the night with a drink which is included in the price as well!

Price: € 24,95

Adress: In het Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27, The Hague

March 14 – Ik hou van Holland

Do you know everything about the Netherlands or do you need to improve your knowledge of the country you are living in?

From 19.00 – 22.00 you can test your knowledge during the Ik hou van Holland night! A fun game night with lots of questions, fun facts and challenges. You will play in teams and battle against other teams. There will be a price for the winner!

Price: €24,95

April 17 – Prepare for Kingsday

Are you wondering why orange is the national color of the Netherlands? Would you like to know what the Dutch national anthem is about?

It is almost Kingsday so it is time to fresh up your mind about the Dutch royal family. From 19.00 – 22.00 you will get everything you need to know about Willem Alexander and Maxima and the rest of the family so you will be prepared for the biggest national holiday: Kingsday!

Price: € 24,95