Are you working with foreigners who struggle with the Dutch language? Or do your employees have difficulties with the Dutch working culture? Would you like to offer your employees an unique experience that will make them feel more comfortable at work and that creates more connection between your employees?

The Dutch Life can help you!

Since every company and every employee is different, The Dutch Life will create an unique program that fits to the wishes and needs of the company as well as to the language level of your employees. The Dutch Life has the goal to create a program that combines language, culture and connection which means that it won’t be just a language course. The working culture at your company and the Dutch culture in general will be integreted in the program and during the classes there will be a lot of interaction between your employees. In this way they can use everything they learn direcetly in practise. I will also help them to feel more connected to their colleagues which will be a benefit for the atmosphere of the company. The Dutch Life comes to your office so your employees don’t have to spend time to travel to another location. It is also possible to do the classes online via Zoom.

Are you curious what The Dutch Life can do for your company?

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