Are you interested in music and poetry and would you like to get an introduction to Dutch music and poetry and improve your Dutch at the same time?

Music and poetry is an important part of every culture. The Dutch Life uses Dutch music and poems during this course. This way you can learn more about the Dutch culture. As well learning with music and poems helps you to learn the language faster because it makes the language more easy to remember.

The course is suitable for people at A2 level. It is taught online via Zoom.


You will learn more about the Dutch language by Dutch songs and poems. Every song or poem has a different structure and different grammatical theme. You will also increase your vocabulary with lots of new words and sentences.


Every class has a different topic that will be specified to the Dutch culture. Some examples of topics are raising kids in the Netherlands, superstition, relationships and differences between generations.


In class you will learn by doing. In this way there will be a lot of interaction and connection with the other students. This is done to give you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Course information

Duration8 classes of 2 hours
Time10 am – 12 pm
StartThursday, July 2
Price€ 165