Do you want to learn the basics of the Dutch language? Would you like to start a conversation in Dutch and complain as a Dutch person about the weather? Are you looking for some fun and connection with other people?

Do you say yes? Then the 8 week beginner course is the right course for you. In 8 classes of 3 hours you will learn about the Dutch language and culture in a fun way.


During the course you will create a basic of the Dutch language that makes you be able to have small conversations in Dutch. You will learn words and sentences that make your Dutch life more easy.


Every class has a different topic that will be specified to the Dutch culture. You will get the answer on questions as ‘what is …….


In class you do not use books to learn, but you will learn by doing. In this way there will be a lot of interaction and connection with the other students.

Day & timeTuesday 9.00 – 12.00 & Wednesday 18.15 – 21.15
StartTuesday January 28 & Wednesday January 29
Number of students6 – 12
LocationDen Haag
Price€ 350