Today and tomorrow is Easter and this comes together with some traditions. In Dutch we say ‘Pasen’ if we talk about Easter. Because we have two days of Easter we have ‘eerste paasdag’ on Sunday and ‘tweede paasdag’ on Monday.

With Easter a lot of children are looking for eggs that are hidden in gardens and fields by the Easter Bunny, in Dutch ‘de Paashaas’.

But why is this related to Easter? The video below explains it!

Another tradion is called ‘eitje tikken’. At some villages people gather together and play the competition. They tap their own egg to the egg of their opponent with the goal to break the egg of the opponent. The one whose egg breaks first loses and needs to give his egg to the winner.

In general, ‘tweede paasdag’ is a popular day to visit a residential boulevard, Ikea or Intratuin.

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