From February 22 till March 1 thousands of Dutch women will travel to the Amsterdam RAI to visit the ‘Huishoudbeurs’. Literally the ‘Huishoudbeurs’ means ‘Household Fair’ so originally it was organised for retailers to show and promote their newest household products to their customers, the housewives. Nowadays the ‘Huishoudbeurs’ is thé event of the year where housewives go for a women’s day out. The Amsterdam RAI changes into a place where you can discover new products related to health, cooking, cleaning, living and fashion.

In 65 years, the ‘Huishoudbeurs’ has changed more and more into a fair where household is moved more to the background and entertainment and lifestyle became more important. Performances of Dutch artists, meet and greets with soap actors and workshops where you can learn how you keep your plants alive are all part of the fair. There is also a special area which is called the ‘Negenmaandenbeurs’ (nine monhts fair) where you will find everything related to pregnancy.

The video below gives you a short impression of the ‘Huishoudbeurs’.

Women travel from all over the country to Amsterdam to visit the ‘Huishoudbeurs’. There are different offers by travel agencies and also the NS has special deals with a ticket for the ‘Huishoudbeurs’ together with your train ticket. If you are interested in a women’s day out for a good price, you can buy your tickets here:

Enjoy! And if you found something interesting that you would like to share, you can leave a comment!

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