You live in the Netherlands and you would like to learn the Dutch language. But how do you do this if you have a busy job, are fulltime mum or if everyone around you speaks English all the time?

Here a some tips of how to learn Dutch without studying for hours.

Put post-it’s with dutch words on your wall

Repetition is the key of learning a language. The more often you see and hear the language, the faster you will remember it. A good way to make sure you will repeat the language is to put post-it’s with Dutch words in your house. Write ‘de koelkast’ down and put it on the fridge, put a post- it with ‘de tafel’ on the table etc.

Watch Dutch television

A good way to learn a new language is to hear the language you would like to learn as much as possible. On this way, you will get used to the different sounds in the new language. On the website you will find Dutch programmes with subtitles in different languages. On you will find all the programmes of the Dutch public television with subtitles in Dutch.

listen to dutch music

Instead of watching Dutch television, you can also listen to Dutch music to hear more Dutch. You can put on the Dutch radio or find a playlist on Spotify. Or look for some Dutch singers on Youtube. Some Dutch singers that you can look for are: Marco Borsato, Guus Meeuwis or the famous Dutch Folk singer André Hazes. The song ‘Praat Nederlands met me’ is also a nice one to tell people that you would like to talk in Dutch 😉 You can find the song here.

Read books for children

Another way to immerse yourself more into the Dutch language is to read books for children in Dutch. Books for childres are more easy to understand because they use lots of pictures, easy words and simple sentences. You will definetly learn a lot of new words if you read daily. A typical Dutch child book is ‘Jip en Janneke’ written by Annie M.G. Schmidt.

speak as much dutch as possible

It might seem a simple one, but a lot of people don’t speak any Dutch to people even if they know some sentences or words. It is more easy to feel comfortable by speaking in English then it is to get out of your comfort zone and speak Dutch. But speaking in Dutch is the only way you will improve your speaking skills. And making mistakes is part of the proces! It is the same as learning how to ride a bike, you need to fall down first before you are able to ride a bike well. So don’t be afraid and start talking to everyone you see: to people in the supermarket, colleagues at work or your neighbors.

Use an app

In order to speak Dutch you need to know some words in Dutch. You can increase your vocabulary by listening or reading but also with an app. A good example of an app is Duolingo where you will learn new Dutch words every day. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, because repeating the Dutch language every day already helps you to remember.

By self study

There are lots of books that you can study to learn the Dutch language. Self study is a good way to learn the basics of the language, but you need some discipline for it. It works the best if you also use one of the first tips, like speaking and listening in Dutch. If you look for NT2 books on Google you will defenitely find some!

Drink a beer

It is proved that alcohol makes it more easy to speak a new language. This has everything to do with the fact that you are less afraid to make mistakes and feel more confident. So drinking a beer once in a while can help you to practise your speaking skills. Make sure that you have some Dutch people around you while drinking! 😉

Do you have any other tips? Write them down below!

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